About us

Through the get-rites gospel songs, we preserve the legacy of the group on how they encourage their followers. The purpose of this website is to continue to spread the good news through music songs. The website focuses on the old and latest top praise and worship songs. That hit in the past that even up to now the songs never fade. Through our group, we would like to share the goodness of our God. Through music how he lifts us up and gives us new life.


Being a writer we also create new songs with country music genre.

Though we are not in the limelight we still want to continue to share the gifts of God to us. In addition, we know that our effort will not accomplish much if we do not do it with two key values. Community and ministry. The reason we have our members and events is simply to provide a tool to make known the powerful message of the gospel. We understand that our message has a much greater impact. While we work together in a united effort to expand its reach and influence.


The mission of our group is to support interest among the general public in the gospel and Christian music. To form a community and cooperation among industry leaders in order to address mutual business issues to maximize sales of Christian music. And to raise public awareness of Christian music in our culture.


One way of the things we do is to have a top list of the latest and old songs. From the Christian singers and groups. Proclaiming the gospel music songs throughout the world is the heart of our website. Again through this website, we would like to continue to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ his salvation to all of us.